Brady Stewart Collection Image Archives

To view the digitized photographs of the Brady Stewart Collection, click OR cut and paste the following link;  We created a number of image galleries that reflect the size and scope of the Brady Stewart Collection of 20th Century Photographs.

We continue to add images and corresponding blogs on a monthly basis.  We also created an introduction to the Brady Stewart Collection which can be viewed at the following link;

Thank you for your interest and do not hesitate to comment on the collection or ask questions.  We still have 1000s of negatives, transparencies and prints left to digitize.  We decide which files to digitize based on feedback and activity on the combined web sites.

We can be reached via email at or phone (724) 554-9813.


Michael Stewart

5 Responses to Brady Stewart Collection Image Archives

  1. Sheree Fox says:


    I have been looking for images of Oakland/Holmes elementary school before it was torn down. It was at Dawson Street and Edith Place in Pittsburgh’s south side.

    If you could help, I would really appreciate it. I have been searching for days and my eyes are shot!

    Thank you,

    Sheree Fox

  2. Tracey Smith says:

    My husband & I graduated in 1977 & 1978 and we would love to find an aerial picture of Bethel Park High School. We would also like to find any yearbook pictures of us during that time period. Please let us know if you have any. Thanks so much
    Tracey & Doug Smith

    • Tracey,

      Thank you for the note but unfortunately we do not have any aerial photographs of Bethel Park High School. And we do not have any yearbook photos beyond 1971. My youngest brother graduated in 1976 but my father did not take any photographs of the high school during that time.

      But at the same time, we still have more files to go through and if we find anything, we will send you an email.


      Michael Stewart
      Class of 1971

      • Frank Cararie says:

        Mike, I lived at 2649 Summit Street, directly across the street from you and next to the Westhoff’s from 1975-1988. Does Patrick still live there? Love all the pics. Are you and your family on Facebook? Hope to hear back.

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