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Image Licensing

During the year, Brady Stewart Studio images were used in a number of historical exhibits, a documentary, books, publications and blogs.  Licensing provides an opportunity to highlight the historical significance, photo composition and quality of the Brady Stewart Archives.  The following are some of the ways the images were used in 2015 and 2016.

The Roosevelts: An Intimate History

Even though the production company has not returned our calls regarding using the image without our permission, the image was an excellent representation of Theodore Roosevelt’s style and demeanor during a speech in Pittsburgh (1917).  More information about the documentary can be found at:


Teddy Roosevelt stumping for the war effort in Pittsburgh (Oakland) 1917

Brady Stewart photographed Teddy Roosevelt in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh for the Pittsburgh Dispatch.  Brady Stewart was a big supporter of the former President’s progressive ideals.  He had witnessed first hand the extreme wealth and poverty throughout city and surrounding areas.

Heinz History Center:  We Can Do It!  WWII

We had three images in the exhibit including one of my grandfather’s most famous photograph of Pittsburgh’s Shantytown (1932).  The other two images were of my Aunt Sally Stewart supporting the war effort with the local group called the Ground Observer Corps which was under the Government’s Civil Defense program.  More information on the exhibit can be found at the Heinz History Center:

1931-Shantytown 3035 web copy

Pittsburgh’s Shantytown looking south toward the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Union Station – 1932


Sally Stewart (center talking with officer) volunteered to promote the Government’s Civil Defense Program; Ground Observer Corps

Heinz History Center:  Strip District History Book

This year is the third reprinting of the museum’s popular book on the history of Pittsburgh’s Strip District.  The museum is using 3 of our popular images in the latest edition; the Gage Building, PA Railroad Yard 1925 and View of the Strip District 1929.  The new edition will be available in the museum’s gift store and online soon.

Liberty Ave and 22nd Street in the Strip District - 1951

Liberty Ave and 22nd Street in Pittsburgh’s Strip District – 1925


HACLab Pittsburgh:  Imagining the Modern

We were approached in April 2015 by the Boston-based over, under design firm to participate in Imaging the Modern exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. While doing research, they came across our website and found a number of unique images that supported the exhibit’s narrative.  We provided over 200 images for review and they eventually selected 43 images.  The HACLab; Imagining the Modern is running from September 2015 thru May 2016.  I highly recommend the exhibit, it includes many photographs, documents, maps, video and models of the city’s amazing transformation 1945 to 1970.  More information on the exhibit;

Heinz main entrance

Heinz Architectural Center within the Carnegie Museum of Art

Pat Museum

Patrick Stewart looking at his father, Brady Stewart Jr on a photo shoot in Gateway Center 1957

The timing of the exhibition was special since my oldest son got married at the Carnegie Museum two weeks after it opened.  The wedding and reception were right next to Heinz Architectural Center and friends and family were able to view and take photos of the exhibit.  Photos of the exhibit along with the images used can be viewed at;

Virginia Department of Education c/o Educational Testing Service.

We were contacted by the department to license one of our most popular images; View of the Strip District from the Koppers Building.  The VA Department of Education is using the image in the Virginia Standards of Learning program. The program establishes minimum expectations for what students in Virginia should know and be able to do at the end of each grade or course in multiple disciplinary studies, such as, but not limited to: English, Math, Science, Social Science, etc.

1929-Strip District

View of the Pennsylvania Station and Strip District from the new Koppers Building 1929

Fictional Novel about Erie PA

The author; William Martin licensed the Shantytown image for his period novel based in Erie PA.

1931-Shantytown 3035 web copy

Pittsburgh’s Shantytown looking south toward the Pennsylvania Railroad’s Union Station – 1932

Non-Fiction Novel about the 1904 World’s Fair

Author William Mueller selected the image featuring the “Cherokee Chief”, an equestrian statue by James Earle Fraser that was displayed at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair.  Brady Stewart attended the 1904 World’s Fair with his brother Clark, sister Helen and mother Alice Brady Stewart.  The negatives were quite grainy and had some damage due to the temperature and humidity in St Louis.

American Indian Statue

St Louis MO: A view of one of the many statues in and around the buildings at the St Louis World’s Fair. The statue celebrates the American Indians of the plains. The statue was located next to the Palace of Education and Social Economy.

Non-Fiction Novel about PA Senator William Flynn

Senator Flynn’s grandson, Jeff Lawrence, is writing a book about his grandfather’s life and relationship with Theodore Roosevelt.  He is using a series of images taken during a Roosevelt speech in the Oakland section of Pittsburgh.  Senator Flynn was in the car with the former President.


View of Teddy Roosevelt and Senator William Flynn (with hat on) during a speech in Pittsburgh 1917

UCA of SME Association (Underground Construction Association of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration)

The association was developing a “coffee table” book to be distributed to the mining and construction firms to showcase the underground construction and mining across the United States.  They used another popular image on the web site;  view of the Liberty Tunnels construction from the south end.  More information about the group can be found at:

Pittsburgh's Liberty Tunnels Construction

Pittsburgh’s Liberty Tunnels Construction from the south end

 Pittsburgh Magazine

Columnist Virginia Montanez wrote a very interesting article on the Bicentennial Gateway Amphitheater also known as the Golden Crucible.  The Amphitheater was built-in 1959 to celebrate Pittsburgh’s Bicentennial.  Her article can be viewed at the following address;


View of the Golden Crucible Bicentennial Gateway Amphitheater 1959

Brady Stewart Studio Website

Over the last month, we added 200 images to the web site.  Images were added to galleries Living in Western PA 1950-1960 and 1960-1970.  Images were also added to Bethel Park Sports 1961-1980.

A reminder that you can purchase prints, download and or license images from the web site.  All revenue generated supports the ongoing digitizing of negatives and prints from the archives.  Images can be viewed at  Thank you for your kinds words and continued support.

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