The Brady Stewart Collection

The blog has been on hiatus for over a year while I recovered from eye problems related to documenting and digitizing our negatives.  While recovering, we made the decision put the Brady Stewart Collection up for sale. Over the past year, we went through the files again to refine the image database to get an even better idea of quantity and content.  We have separated the negatives and prints into 3 (three) Collections; Living in Western Pennsylvania (1900-1990), Western Pennsylvania Products and Advertising (1900-1990), and The Brady Stewart Studio Archives (1888-1990).

Our next steps are to work with consultants to appraise the business and to digitize / identify each negative and print starting with the Living in Western Pennsylvania Collection.  As we complete the image files, we will create a post on the blog and add to the images already on our hosting site;

The Living in Western Pennsylvania (1900-1990) Collection includes images from the following groups:1) Views of the city and streets of Pittsburgh

View of the city from Mount Washington - 1906.

View of the city from Mount Washington – 1906.

  • Views of the city of Pittsburgh
  • Views of the Stewart Family traveling throughout Western PA for vacation and weekend trip
    • Lake Erie / North East PA, Route 30 PA, Beer Run Creek
  • View of Pittsburgh-area churches and community organizations
    • East Liberty Presbyterian Church, First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Goodwill Industries, Allegheny Valley School
  • Views of Pittsburgh’s changing skyline, buildings and architecture
  • Views of area schools, colleges and universities
    • Duquesne University, PITT, Pennsylvania College for Women, Bethel Park High School
  • Views of Pittsburgh-area business store fronts and signs
  • Views of Greater Pittsburgh Airport and Pennsylvania Railroad locations

Western Pennsylvania Products and Advertising (1900-1990) Collection includes images from the following groups:

  • Creative work from Pittsburgh Advertising Agencies, Art Studios, Corporate Marketing departments, Public Relations Firms, and Architects; examples include:
    • Advertising Agencies:  Ketchum Macleod & Grove Advertising, W Craig Chambers Advertising, W.S. Walker Advertising, Wasey, Ruthranff & Ryan, Lando Advertising, Walker & Downing Advertising, Feldman and Kahn Inc, W.F. Minnick & Associates, Thompson Matelan Advertising, Lesko Advertising, Federman, Adams & Colopy, Inc. LWP Advertising

      Rege Cordic's Olde Frothingslosh Beer

      Rege Cordic’s Olde Frothingslosh Beer

    • Art Studios:  Frank Hnat Studios, Graphic Studios, Pitt Studios, Sun-Art, The Animators
    • Corporate Marketing:  US Steel, PPG, Calgon, Westinghouse, Gulf Oil, Pennsylvania Railroad Co., HK Porter, Swindell Dresser, Minnotte Manufacturing, WW Paterson Co., Mathews International, PAMECO Products, AG Trimble Co, Edlis Beauty Supplies, Eiben and Irr Co.
    • Public Relations Firms:  Daniell Sapp and Borne,
    • Printers:  Geyer Printing, Colonial Press, Meyer Printing
    • Architects:  Ingham, Boyd and Pratt, Richardson, Gordon & Associates
  • Location and Studio photography assignments for Advertising Agencies, Art Studios, Local Corporations and Printers
    • Studio photography took place in 4 different locations in downtown Pittsburgh from 1940-1990; 812 Market Street, 725 Liberty Avenue, 211 Empire Building, and 227 Fort Pitt Boulevard.
    • Brady Stewart Studio went on location all over the tri-state area to support customer requirements.
  • Various products included in individual photographs from 1900-1990
    • When reviewing each of the folders, we looked for unique products from the last 100 years.

The Brady Stewart Studio Archives (1900-1990) includes images a variety of sources other than Western Pennsylvania Products and Advertising and Living in Western Pennsylvania; examples include:

  • Stewart family and friends at Lake Chautauqua New York  1901

    Brady Stewart 1912

    Brady Stewart 1912

  • Brady Stewart attending the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis MO
  • Brady Stewart visiting Brady family in Cincinnati OH 1906
  • Brady Stewart homesteading in Idaho with three friends 1908-1910
  • Brady & Sarah Stewart’s Honeymoon in Washington DC 1912
  • Travel to Toronto Canada and Niagara Falls 1914
  • Brady Stewart family photos 1900-1960
  • Photos of Brady Stewart in the Army WW I (1918-1919)
  • Brady Stewart Jr. WW II Wedding and honeymoon on Martha’s Vineyard
  • Brady Stewart Jr. family photos
  • Brady Stewart Studio Offices and Personnel
  • Brady Stewart Studio on location photographic and miscellaneous studio assignments (business and award meetings)
  • PR Photography for a large number of Pittsburgh-area businesses – great for genealogy research
  • And much more Brady Stewart Studio work

Looking forward to moving all of the great content online, it should be a lot of fun for all of us!

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