The Strip District of Pittsburgh

We have been busy documenting another filing cabinet full of negatives and prints.  We will add many more images to the Collection over the next month.  We added 11 new images to the Brady Stewart Collection Archive web site and created a new Gallery – New Images added in November 2012.  We created an additional Gallery called “The Strip District in Pittsburgh” where we included many more views of the Strip from 1925 to 1965.  The new images can be viewed at All images in the blog are copyrighted by Brady Stewart Studio Inc.  If you are interested in downloading an image or to purchase a print, please contact Brady Stewart Studio by phone (724.554.9813) or email

View from Smallman Street up 17th Street toward Penn and Liberty Avenues

The new images include location photography of the Thorofare Grocery Store offices in the Strip District. The assignment was contracted by Commonwealth Realty to show off the Thorofare property at 17th Street and Smallman Street.  Brady Stewart Jr. took this assignment and completed it on two different dates; early morning during the normal Saturday rush and Sunday when the traffic was at a minimum.

View Northeast up Smallman Street toward St. Stanislaus Kostka Church and Rectory

View of the Pennsylvania Railroad produce yards looking southwest toward the 16th   Street bridge and downtown Pittsburgh.

Looking down Smallman Street toward 16th Street Bridge and Pittsburgh

View of the Thorofare offices on 17th Street with 1953 Pontiac Bonneville in front of the door.

17th Street toward Smallman Street and Thorofare Offices

We added three images from a Railway Express file.  Railway Express was “the” door-to-door package delivery company in Pittsburgh for many years… similar to UPS today.  Railway Express was a very good client of Brady Stewart Studio, we were on call to photograph any accident site for insurance and legal purposes. The view below was an accident near the Railway Express yard in the Strip District.  The location of the accident was at Liberty Avenue and 22nd Street.

Liberty Avenue in the Strip District – 1951

We also created a new Gallery, The Strip District of Pittsburgh.  The view below was taken by my grandfather in 1925 right before the Pennsylvania Railroad built the produce yards to alleviate the traffic problems in the area.

Liberty Ave and 22nd Street in the Strip District – 1925

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