New Historical Photographs of Pittsburgh added to the Brady Stewart Collection Website – Vol. 11

We added 27 new images to the Brady Stewart Collection Archive web site and created a new Gallery – New Images added in February 2012. The new images can be viewed at All images in the blog are copyrighted by Brady Stewart Studio Inc.  If you are interested in downloading an image or to purchase a print, please contact Brady Stewart Studio by phone (724.554.9813) or email

Buildings & Architecture:  We have digitized 14 Pittsburgh-area buildings for the collection.  Images include: Arlington & Coronado Apartment buildings in Shadyside – 1930s, Highland and East End Savings & Trust Buildings in East Liberty – 1920s,  Westinghouse Electric Supply Company (WESCO) building on the North Side – 1950s, Hardie Brothers and Pittsburgh Gage & Supply Company Buildings in the Strip District – 1940s, Gateway Center One in Pittsburgh – 1950s, Stephen Foster Memorial Chapel and the University of Pittsburgh Nurses Home in Oakland – 1950 & 60s, and the St John the Baptist Church in Lawrenceville – 1950s.

East End Savings and Trust Company and Highland Buildings in East Liberty - 1921

The Arlington Apartments on S Aiken Avenue and Centre Avenue in Shadyside - 1930s

Pittsburgh-Area Sports:  We added two images of the Pittsburgh Pirates at the 1964 charity baseball game against the Cleveland Indians (HYPO Game) and three images of the Cincinnati Reds arriving at the Greater Pittsburgh International Airport for a game against the Pirates during the 1960 season.  One of the Pirate images include “The Deacon” Vernon Law, and Bill Mazeroski posing for a photo before the annual HYPO Charity baseball game.  Additional background on the images; Forbes Field was a baseball park in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh, from 1909 to 1971. It was the third home of the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the first home of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the city’s National Football League franchise. The stadium also served as the home football field for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers from 1909 to 1924. The stadium was named after British general John Forbes who fought in the French and Indian War, and named the city in 1758.
My favorite image is of Bob Purkey Sr. of the Cincinnati Reds arriving at the airport for a game with the Pittsburgh Pirates – 1960.  The on location photographic assignment was for United Airlines. The 1960 Cincinnati Reds finished in sixth place in the National League standings, 28 games behind the National League and World Series champion Pittsburgh Pirates!  The highlight for me in this set of images was of the one of Bob Purkey Sr.  I had the opportunity to know Bob Sr while playing high school baseball with his son, Bob Purkey Jr.  For many years, Bob Purkey Sr had a successful insurance business in Bethel Park Pa.

Pittsburgh Pirate Vernon Law and Bill Mazeroski talking with Big Jim Daniell - 1964

Pittsburgh Business Images:  We added 6 business-oriented images that include; two PR photographs of the owner of Samuel B Casey Company in Aspinwall Pennsylvania – 1962.  Tee Samuel B Casey Company was a contractor on large commercial projects throughout the region including sections of the parkway; an addition to the former Kaufmann’s Downtown store; a swimming pool at Kennywood Park; and plant expansions for U.S. Steel and National Steel.  The company purchased Swindell Dressler, another local engineering company, in 1959.   Two images of a Saleswoman buying a new car from Don Allen Chevrolet – 1958.  A Relax-A-Cizor salewoman sitting on a new Chevy from Don Allen.  Relax-A-Cizor was a medical device similar to the abacizor and many other countless exercise devices on the market that claim to let you exercise while relaxing without effort. This is one of the early versions from the 1950’s. It is much better and more versatile than the ones made now. These devices don’t work for exercise purposes and many are unsafe.  Two views of a secretary typing a letter – 1967.  Cathy Stewart working in the offices of the National Union Insurance Company.  Cathy left Pittsburgh for New York City in 1969.  Over the next twenty years, she established herself as one of the top advertising executives in New York City.  Working for American Home Products, a few advertising agencies before becoming the highest ranking woman at Shearson Lehman, American Express (VP of Marketing).

Cathleen Brady Stewart working at the National Union Insurance Company in Pittsburgh - 1967

The new images can be viewed at All images in the blog are copyrighted by Brady Stewart Studio Inc.  If you are interested in downloading an image or to purchase a print, please contact Brady Stewart Studio by phone (724.554.9813) or email

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