New Historical Photographs of Pittsburgh added to the Brady Stewart Collection Website – Vol. 4

New Images were added to the on Sunday March 20th.

Advertising and Products

1) Westinghouse Electric Appliances.  At one time, Westinghouse Electric was one of the leading manufacturer of household appliances.  Naturally the appliances were all-electric and along with other manufacturers competed   against appliances that operated by natural gas.  We added images of Westinghouse Color and B&W Television sets from 1968.  The photographs were taken at the annual Westinghouse Showcase.  We also included Westinghouse Electric ranges and washers from 1962.

2) Kenmore Gas Ranges:  On Location photography for Ketchum McLeod and Grove at the Sears and Roebuck Store on the North Side of Pittsburgh – 1963.

3) Kenmore Wringer Washer:  On location photography at the Stewart house on Summit Street in Bethel Park – 1954.  Marjorie Stewart was the model for this advertisement for the new Kenmore Washer from Sears.  Marjorie still complains today that she did not get paid for the modeling assignments for Brady Stewart Studio… as you will see in later posts, there were a lot of them.

4) All Gas Starter Homes:  Location Photography for Ketchum McLeod and Grove of new homes in the North Hills.  One set of All Gas homes were located in Robinson Gardens and the others were built in the North Hills by Kaylor Builders – 1961.  In the 50s and 60s, the regional Electric and Gas companies partnered with local contractors to build and promote All Gas and All Electric homes.

5) Lady Schick Electric Shavers:  Studio photography of Schick products for a Christmas Catalog – 1960s.

6) Reymer’s Lemon Blennd:  New packaging for my favorite drink of all time.  On location photography for the Hamburg Brothers of the weekly drawing  for an electric phonograph.  Lemon Blennd was served.

7) New Images of the Golden Triangle/Point

8) Misc. images of a woman shopping for the new Evenflow baby bottles, Cooking with Gas, and a Guide to Entertaining with Westinghouse Electric Appliances

If you are interested in downloading an image or to purchase a print, please contact Brady Stewart Studio by phone (724.554.9813) or email  Additional Images can be viewed at

New Images were added to the on Sunday March 20th.

About bradystewartcollection
The Brady Stewart Collection of photographs, made by Brady Stewart, Brady Stewart Jr. and associates of Brady Stewart Studio Inc., consists of photographs taken in and around Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, Lake Erie, Lake Chautauqua, New York, Southwestern Ohio, Washington DC, Niagara Falls and Idaho. The historically significant collection spans most of the 20th century (1900-1990) and includes a wide array of Black &White, Sepia and Color photographs on Advertising & Products, Buildings and Churches, Children, Homesteading in Idaho, Manufacturing & Equipment, People & Lifestyle, Pittsburgh City Scenes, Sports and Transportation. The Brady Stewart Collection encompasses over 20,000 glass plates, prints and film negatives of all shapes and sizes. Today, Brady Stewart Studio is a fourth generation photography business. We are one of the longest operating family-owned commercial photography studios in the United States (1912-1991, 2008-). The Collection Images can be viewed at our hosted web site,

2 Responses to New Historical Photographs of Pittsburgh added to the Brady Stewart Collection Website – Vol. 4

  1. There was a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh thta was located off Wood st or one of the streets located in the center of the triangle that may have nbveen called the Hofbrau. It was a classy place with great foor and spirits. There wasa balcony around three sides for patrons to sit/eat. Very plain glass door entrance. A favorite of my dad during the 40’s –50’s and maybe on??

    • Tom – if memory serves me, that was a restaurant in Market Square but for the life of me I can’t remember the name. tables outside and and nice restaurant inside. I looked through the files and I can’t find anything yet – I will let you know if an image of it comes up when I am going through the 1940 to 1960 group of files.

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